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Your Rage Recovery

You’re a raging b*tch.

Explosive. Unpredictable. Frightened and frightening. You never knew you could feel so awful–be so awful–until one day it came out of nowhere and shattered nearly everything you knew to be true about yourself.

You feel caged by your role as mom.

The monotony. The lack of mental stimulation. The isolation. The relentlessness of it all.

Sometimes you miss your life pre-kids. You wonder what it would be like to escape for a weekend. Or forever. To pee alone. To complete a single uninterrupted thought. To just do nothing for awhile.

You wouldn’t change anything, yet you’d change everything.

You’re missing the joy you thought was inherent in becoming a mom.

Who is this person who lives in your body? (At least you think it’s your body.) The one who loves her kids so fiercely yet doesn’t have a clue who she is or what she’s passionate about or what she wants to be when she grows up.

And what’s up with these little people sucking the life out of you? You thought you signed up for a good time. But this sure doesn’t feel like it a lot of the time.

And then there’s your man. Is he trying to make your life more difficult? Does he even listen? Doesn’t he know the right way to do things? Maybe he isn’t even really the same guy you made these kids with.

You’d like for things to be easy for once.

Relaxation. Simplicity. Slowness. Everybody putting their shoes on when you tell them to. Nobody having fights on top of you in your own bed (or is that just me?). Nobody complaining that the Food Network-worthy dinner you made is disgusting.

What you wouldn’t give for everyone to be happy or to be able to do all the fun things together without tantrums, whining, or your son trying to hit strangers on the street (again, maybe just me?). Or to even be able to feel cool, calm, and collected while the shit’s hitting the fan.


You worry about the example you’re setting for your kids.

Are you letting them down? Ruining them? Who will they become when they live each day with a mom who is less happy/patient/healthy/fulfilled/engaged than she’d like to be? Will they be less authentic? Angrier? Mass murderers?

You’re desperate to change.

To quit raging. To feel the joy that seems so elusive. To be confident that life with kids and the you who you are now are infinitely better than whatever you had going on pre-kids. To feel free to do what feels good to you, what lights you up. To just be able to breathe.

You want to take full advantage of whatever time you have on this planet. 

Yet you don’t know how.

I can help.

Here’s how it works:

Your rage–your cage–is the result of years of conditioning and fear, which only you can dismantle. Start by understanding how you currently see and engage with yourself, others, and the world. This is your cage, and it’s built of Stories. We’ll identify the ones that are keeping you trapped. Awareness is essential. Then break loose from those Stories by learning to create new thoughts and feelings and take new actions that help you do just that. Then you get to go forth in freedom, joy, and ease and be rage-free! You can be excited about life. You get to love yourself. And you’ll never look back–this change is permanent.

How do you get started?

By figuring out exactly where you’re stuck and what’s triggering your stuckness using the ELI Assessment* and a 90-minute debrief of your results. ($225)

Then, if you want to continue, you can through 4+ weeks of one-on-one coaching.

Order your Assessment here.

You deserve your freedom. So do your kids.


*The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment was developed by Bruce D. Schneider, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and may be administered solely by ELI Master Practitioners. It’s an online attitudinal assessment consisting of 84 questions and usually takes about 20 minutes to complete.

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