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Where is Resistance Standing in Your Way?

For the past year I’ve been saying I will grow my business through writing. But I haven’t, written that is. At least not much.

While I enjoy writing and know from past experiences that I can use it to connect with others, I haven’t been doing it.

Why not?


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In The War of Art Steven Pressfield personifies Resistance as the force that stands between the creator and the creation, an enemy who keeps you from taking action called for by your Higher Self, God, Source, the Universe, whatever you want to name it.

The things we most feel resistant to doing are the things that will blast us into higher realms of being. Success, happiness, fulfillment, etc. Resistance, like fear, points us in the direction of where we need to go. It shows us what to do in order to grow.

Where do you feel Resistance?

What would happen if you did the thing(s) you’re resistant to?

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