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What to Do When Motherhood Leaves You Feeling Stuck

A newly birthed mother steps into a fire. It is a burning away of her old self in favor of a deeper, richer, more vibrant skin. It is the experience of her mother and her grandmothers. Her daughters, too, may one day live it.

Sometimes, however, we moms get stuck in this otherwise temporary blaze. We are would-be butterflies arrested in the cocoon phase. With awareness of our stuck-ness we can walk out of the flames and into our new selves—selves that are more authentic, powerful, and beautiful than ever before.

How do you know if you’re stalled in the fire?

Life feels heavy. You’re dragging and feel trapped, resentful, worn down, sad, and/or anxious. You’re consumed by “shoulds,” “shouldn’ts,” and “can’ts.” You frequently musterbate—as coined by therapist Albert Ellis, the process of doing things simply because you think you must and not because they feel good. And the joy you thought was inherent in becoming a mom is nowhere to be seen.

It’s easy to find yourself here. You didn’t know it was coming, and even if you’d been warned you wouldn’t have understood. Then one day you realize you’re trapped in the fire.

Read the rest of this article in the November issue of Natural Mother Magazine.

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