rage recovery for moms

Top 5 Benefits of Working with Me

  1. I’ve been there. Our stories may not be the exact same, but chances are, I know what you’re experiencing. The anger, rage, sadness, and guilt. The lack of fulfillment. The loneliness. Feeling trapped and like the world is against you. Not knowing how to make it better. You’re not talking to someone with a whole lot of book learning and no practical experience—I’ve actually lived it. And I’ve overcome it.
  1. You’re safe here. My intention is for you to be happy, whole, peaceful, or whatever your goal is. That’s it. I have no other agenda and in having no agenda I’m free from opinion and judgment. So you know you aren’t being looked down upon in anyway. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences are always valid.
  1. You have someone on your side who believes in you. You are unlimited potential, and I have complete faith in your ability to do whatever it is that you want to do. And there is nothing you could do or not do that would change that.
  1. My training and skills will help you get results. It’s not a quick fix, and while it does require time, motivation, dedication, and a willingness to explore dark places on your part, the results are real and life-changing and sustainable. That can’t be said for most of what’s out there, however well intentioned it is.
  1. We’ll work together to develop solutions that work for you. These are not my solutions, or another mom’s solutions, or some so-called expert’s solutions—they are your You are the expert on you and everything you need is inside you already.


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