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In This Boat

Three and a half years ago I wrote this post on an old blog. Yes, today I feel like I mostly have my shit together and am generally high on life, but if there’s any doubt that I was once where you are, here’s proof. It is a daily challenge for me to separate my feelings towards […]


Motherhood Through the 7 Levels of Energy

As described by iPEC Coaching, the 7 Levels of Energy are the framework through which I coach and see the world in my everyday life. In this video I explain the 7 levels and look at how moms may experience each of them. Coaching for moms      


Are You a Victim of Your Life?

It was a Saturday. Her husband had gone fishing, leaving her at home, just as she was all week, with their two sons and no plans of their own. Immediately the thoughts flooded in. Why am I the one who has to take care of them? Why can’t I go do something that I enjoy? […]


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