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We Have Different Melting Points, But We’re All Doing the Best We Can

Originally written on 1/2/14 for my personal blog. Through three months of 24 hour a day co-parenting, I watched an emotional balance scale on which my husband and I rode. In the beginning, my side was heavily weighted. His rose high above. Over time I became lighter–more patient, more kind, more content. Over time he became less patient […]


How to Close the Distance Between You and Another Person

Acknowledge and Validate. The two most basic skills of coaching as I know it. To acknowledge means to let the other person know you’ve heard what he or she has said by paraphrasing it or sharing the meaning you got from it. To validate means to let the other person know that what he or […]


When You’re Desperate for Validation

Often I talk to women who are desperate to be validated by someone, namely their partners. I know what it’s like—I’ve been there. Still am at times. I used to feel like my husband didn’t validate me enough. I wanted to hear that my idea held promise or that I was worth the money I […]


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