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What Love Is

Soon you’ll see your face red and twisted in the rearview mirror as you rage at your kids in the backseat. Soon you’ll try to ease the drudgery and relentlessness with Facebook and Irish Cream, but it will leave you more disconnected than you were before. Soon you’ll want to escape this life you can […]


Why I Do What I Do

Because we only get so many trips around the sun. That’s why. That’s why I do what I do both personally and professionally. You may have heard (or read) me mention this in regards to the death of my dad. Losing a parent and bumping up a place in the mortality line taught me that […]


Dear Tribe: Just Fucking Dance

Dear Tribe, Dance. Your butt off. To that bitches and hoes music if you want. I know you’re a progressive thinker, but this is no time for political correctness. Just fucking dance. Shake it all over your kitchen or living room, the grocery store, your Subaru in the carpool line. Whatever. You’re stuck in your […]


5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Have Mommy Rage

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” I’d tell myself. “It’s the situation that’s the problem.” I was exhausted, unfulfilled, joyless. And worst of all, rageful. In short, I was failing to thrive. Curled up on the floor I’d mutter, cry, scream, “I’m miserable and I don’t know how to fix it!” Rage was not my problem […]


5 Ways Moms Get Stuck and What to Do About Them

Megan Stonelake, a therapeutic parent coach, and I bumped into each other somewhere on social media and quickly found that both we and the work we do complement each other. I’m honored to share this post she wrote. -Ashley “I know how I want to parent, but I just can’t quite seem to get there.” […]


10 Best Books for Moms with Rage

Everyday I’m grateful for books and the ability to read! (Seriously, I write it down in a gratitude journal.) It was a tough choice, but here are 10 personal development books I adore along with a brief takeaway and a quote from each. I invite you to check them out and let me know what […]


A Martyr to Motherhood

“I’m sorry,” I say as I plop a laundry basket of clean cloth diapers down on the small kitchen island, “I haven’t had a lot of adult interaction lately, and I feel like I’m way too excited talking about diapers.” My firstborn, 3-months-old, is pressed against my chest in a soft, blue wrap. Eyes closed, […]


#1 Reason Moms Don’t Take Care of Themselves

So you’re suffering from failure to thrive, huh? You’ve found out just what happens when a mom always puts herself last. But why is it that so many smart, talented, capable, and loving women like you don’t take care of themselves? Because they don’t have enough time, you say. Nope. Energy?   No, that’s not […]


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