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In This Boat

Three and a half years ago I wrote this post on an old blog. Yes, today I feel like I mostly have my shit together and am generally high on life, but if there’s any doubt that I was once where you are, here’s proof. It is a daily challenge for me to separate my feelings towards […]


What My 7-Year-Old Daughter Wants Moms to Know

You can chooz to be happy, sad,  or mad, So that you can be osum everyday. Do you agree? Do what you bleave in. Be grateful for your ideas. You can do as much as you want as long as you try no matr how old you are  you can do it.


Motherhood Through the 7 Levels of Energy

As described by iPEC Coaching, the 7 Levels of Energy are the framework through which I coach and see the world in my everyday life. In this video I explain the 7 levels and look at how moms may experience each of them. Coaching for moms      


5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Have Mommy Rage

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” I’d tell myself. “It’s the situation that’s the problem.” I was exhausted, unfulfilled, joyless. And worst of all, rageful. In short, I was failing to thrive. Curled up on the floor I’d mutter, cry, scream, “I’m miserable and I don’t know how to fix it!” Rage was not my problem […]


5 Ways Moms Get Stuck and What to Do About Them

Megan Stonelake, a therapeutic parent coach, and I bumped into each other somewhere on social media and quickly found that both we and the work we do complement each other. I’m honored to share this post she wrote. -Ashley “I know how I want to parent, but I just can’t quite seem to get there.” […]


How to Close the Distance Between You and Another Person

Acknowledge and Validate. The two most basic skills of coaching as I know it. To acknowledge means to let the other person know you’ve heard what he or she has said by paraphrasing it or sharing the meaning you got from it. To validate means to let the other person know that what he or […]


Why I Don’t Believe A Word You Say

You say: I have to keep breastfeeding until he weans himself. I can’t just pick up and go out for the night–I have kids. I can’t hire a babysitter because we can’t afford it. I really should work out. I have to put my family’s needs first. I shouldn’t be so nice–people take advantage of me. I […]


The Time I Judged Someone I Was Coaching

I once judged someone I was coaching. It was my 3rd day on the job, meaning my 3rd day of coaching training. My “client” shared something about her life that, as it turned out, was a trigger for me. I felt myself closing against her. I heard my thoughts: How can you do that? Why would […]


Interpretation, You’re Making Shit Up

A few months ago I roped my husband into an experiment on interpretation. When he would say something of his experience that I disagreed with as being true or real I asked him on a scale of 0-10 how true the thing he said/thought/observed was for him. One time the situation involved how full/empty the […]


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