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Because I Want My Husband to Change

We can write from the wound or the scar. This is a lightly edited, self-coaching/journaling piece written from a (minor) wound of mine. This is where I am right now. This is real life. Even as I’m telling him he should interact differently with our kids I realize my hypocrisy. I’m criticizing him, feeling irked […]



During the concert I wrote about in my one of my last posts the band brought about a dozen people from the crowd onto the stage. I noticed one of them, a woman, right away. Something about her look, her clothes, her movement, her confident sexiness, her way of being. She caught the eye of the guitarist, […]


When You’re Desperate for Validation

Often I talk to women who are desperate to be validated by someone, namely their partners. I know what it’s like—I’ve been there. Still am at times. I used to feel like my husband didn’t validate me enough. I wanted to hear that my idea held promise or that I was worth the money I […]


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