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Find Freedom By Questioning Your Thoughts

Yesterday the brilliant Martha Beck posted something on Facebook about how when she’s suffering she looks for the lie. She knows she’s probably telling herself a lie somewhere in there. Byron Katie talks about questioning the truth of your thoughts and looking at how those thoughts make you feel and how you’d feel without them. […]


The Secret to Redefining Success as a Mom

We’re conditioned to rely on others to determine our success. As children (and maybe even as adults) our parents told us if we were doing a good job or not. Our teachers graded us on our work as well as our verbal participation and behavior. Our bosses give us promotions or raises based on how […]


How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

There is only one thing I’m a geeky fan girl about: the band Michael Franti & Spearhead. There are two things I’m really good at: finding cheap plane tickets and getting to the front of a Michael Franti concert.  (And coaching. I shouldn’t leave out coaching!) Several weeks ago I went to a concert of […]


Why I Don’t Believe A Word You Say

You say: I have to keep breastfeeding until he weans himself. I can’t just pick up and go out for the night–I have kids. I can’t hire a babysitter because we can’t afford it. I really should work out. I have to put my family’s needs first. I shouldn’t be so nice–people take advantage of me. I […]


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