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5 Ways Moms Get Stuck and What to Do About Them

Megan Stonelake, a therapeutic parent coach, and I bumped into each other somewhere on social media and quickly found that both we and the work we do complement each other. I’m honored to share this post she wrote. -Ashley “I know how I want to parent, but I just can’t quite seem to get there.” […]


Overlooking and Underestimating Myself

Many times in my life I’ve felt underestimated and overlooked.  Because I was thin, a Southerner, quiet, or “shy” as they told me… At least these are the stories I made up.  I don’t actually know what others were thinking or not thinking about me even when they used these words and especially when they […]


A Martyr to Motherhood

“I’m sorry,” I say as I plop a laundry basket of clean cloth diapers down on the small kitchen island, “I haven’t had a lot of adult interaction lately, and I feel like I’m way too excited talking about diapers.” My firstborn, 3-months-old, is pressed against my chest in a soft, blue wrap. Eyes closed, […]


How to Stop Judging Other Moms

I wish you could see yourself as I do. We don’t meet in person.  We don’t do Skype or FaceTime.  And while you may have seen my picture online, we don’t exchange photos. But I see you. We connect over the phone.  We connect through our voices, the energy of our presence, and your essence. […]


#1 Reason Moms Don’t Take Care of Themselves

So you’re suffering from failure to thrive, huh? You’ve found out just what happens when a mom always puts herself last. But why is it that so many smart, talented, capable, and loving women like you don’t take care of themselves? Because they don’t have enough time, you say. Nope. Energy?   No, that’s not […]


Why Being Present is So Damn Hard, Part III

Complete the following sentences: Being a good mom means . . . Being strong means . . . Financial responsibility means . . . Taking care of myself means . . . Maybe to you being a good mom means letting your children sleep with you. Or maybe it means never letting them sleep with […]


Why Being Present is So Damn Hard, Part II

What do you value? Take some time to think about it. Look at the list at the end of this post if you need inspiration. Which of these values are most important to you? In what ways are you living according to them? In what ways are your thoughts, feelings, or actions not in alignment […]


Why Being Present is So Damn Hard, Part I

Our dishwasher died last summer. For the next few months I was forced to wash dishes by hand. (First world problem, I know.) Sometimes my 6-year-old did it, sometimes the babysitter, sometimes my husband, but mostly it was me. The threat of impending dishwashing as I watched plate after plate, bowl after bowl, and cup […]


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