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Are You Parenting From Love or Fear?

Notice how you interact with your kids, what you say to them, how you say it. Does it come from a place of love, or does it come from a place of fear? Dig deep and see. Let’s say your 3-year-old draws with a marker all over the living room wall. What is your response? Perhaps […]


Where is Resistance Standing in Your Way?

For the past year I’ve been saying I will grow my business through writing. But I haven’t, written that is. At least not much. While I enjoy writing and know from past experiences that I can use it to connect with others, I haven’t been doing it. Why not? Resistance. In The War of Art Steven Pressfield […]


Making Friends with Fear

He spent the night in my dorm room. Side by side on two small, blue, frameless futons we . . . watched The Weather Channel and went to sleep. It was the evening after my 19th birthday and we’d just been to a semi-formal together. We’d met only once, introduced at a party, before I […]


When My Gremlin Tells Me I’m Not Good Enough

The past week has brought out my gremlin—the voice inside that in one way or another tells me–tells you–that we aren’t good enough. Ten days ago I decided that by June 30th I will be conversationally fluent in Spanish. Having studied the language in 8th through 12th grade plus my first semester of college and having a small […]


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