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Dear Tribe: Just Fucking Dance

Dear Tribe, Dance. Your butt off. To that bitches and hoes music if you want. I know you’re a progressive thinker, but this is no time for political correctness. Just fucking dance. Shake it all over your kitchen or living room, the grocery store, your Subaru in the carpool line. Whatever. You’re stuck in your […]


5 Ways Moms Get Stuck and What to Do About Them

Megan Stonelake, a therapeutic parent coach, and I bumped into each other somewhere on social media and quickly found that both we and the work we do complement each other. I’m honored to share this post she wrote. -Ashley “I know how I want to parent, but I just can’t quite seem to get there.” […]


When You’re Desperate for Validation

Often I talk to women who are desperate to be validated by someone, namely their partners. I know what it’s like—I’ve been there. Still am at times. I used to feel like my husband didn’t validate me enough. I wanted to hear that my idea held promise or that I was worth the money I […]


Overlooking and Underestimating Myself

Many times in my life I’ve felt underestimated and overlooked.  Because I was thin, a Southerner, quiet, or “shy” as they told me… At least these are the stories I made up.  I don’t actually know what others were thinking or not thinking about me even when they used these words and especially when they […]


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