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5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Have Mommy Rage

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” I’d tell myself. “It’s the situation that’s the problem.” I was exhausted, unfulfilled, joyless. And worst of all, rageful. In short, I was failing to thrive. Curled up on the floor I’d mutter, cry, scream, “I’m miserable and I don’t know how to fix it!” Rage was not my problem […]


Top 5 Benefits of Working with Me

I’ve been there. Our stories may not be the exact same, but chances are, I know what you’re experiencing. The anger, rage, sadness, and guilt. The lack of fulfillment. The loneliness. Feeling trapped and like the world is against you. Not knowing how to make it better. You’re not talking to someone with a whole […]


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