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5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Have Mommy Rage

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” I’d tell myself. “It’s the situation that’s the problem.”

I was exhausted, unfulfilled, joyless. And worst of all, rageful. In short, I was failing to thrive.

Curled up on the floor I’d mutter, cry, scream, “I’m miserable and I don’t know how to fix it!”

Rage was not my problem though. It’s not yours either. Rage is the symptom.

It’s the result of the suffering that comes with self-sacrifice, mommy martyrdom.

You don’t intend it. You don’t even know it’s happening until you find yourself in it. But there it is. Your family is your world, and suddenly there’s no space for you in it. And you have no clue how to do things differently, at least not in any way that feels right to you.

You hope for a quick fix, but it would only be a Band-Aid and would fall off as soon as you started to sweat. Even learning a step-by-step process to manage your rage is less than you and your kids deserve.

The only true remedy is to be rid of the rage all together—by making big moves one tiny step at a time. Tiny steps that as a whole allow you to be you again. There is no prescription for success here, but it starts with awareness. By asking yourself these empowering questions you can begin to get out of the cycle of misery.

Read the rest of this post and find out the five questions on the Empathic Parenting Blog

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